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The Last Trip To Tulsa

The preacher took his bible and laid it on the stool. He said, “with the congregation running, why should I play the fool?”


There’s A World

There’s a world you’re living in: no one else has your part. All God’s children in the wind: take it in and blow hard.

“Rock and roll is everybody’s fuckin’ music…”

Rock and roll is everybody’s fuckin’ music… I would certainly hope that it’s the devil’s music, but it’s not just the devil’s music. I think that’s where God and the devil shake hands – right there, heh heh heh.

Neil Young to Tony Pig, KSAN radio interview, 11th December 1969

Reference: McDonough, J. (2002). Shakey: Neil Young’s Biography. UK: Vintage Press. “Mr. Blue and Mr. Red”, p. 54

I Am A Child

God gave to you, now, you give to me; I’d like to know what you learned.


Jesus, I saw you walkin’ on the river; I don’t believe you.
You can’t deliver right away; I wonder why?