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The Old Laughing Lady

There’s a fever on the freeway; blacks out the night. There’s a slipping on the stairway – just don’t feel right. And there’s a rumbling in the bedroom and a flashing of light; [then] there’s the old laughing lady, [and] everything is all right.


Old Man

Old man, take a look at my life: I’m a lot like you; I need someone to love me the whole day through. Ah, one look in my eyes and you can tell that’s true.

“I love old cars…”

I love old cars. Forties, fifties. Big cars. Heavy metal. I even love new cars. ‘Cause they get me where I wanna go. I love travel. I got hooked on those trips when I was five, six years-old. I think it was my dad. The highway bug. I’ve always loved it.

Neil Young interviewed by Dave Zimmer, BAM, 22nd April 1988

Reference: McDonough, J. (2002). Shakey: Neil Young’s Biography. UK: Vintage Press. “Mr. Blue and Mr. Red”, p. 47-8

Welfare Mothers

Hard to believe that love is free, now – out on the street with the whole family, now.

Welfare Mothers

Welfare mothers make better lovers. Divorcee!

I Am A Child

You are a man, you understand. You pick me up and you lay me down again; you make the rules, you say what’s fair – it’s lots of fun to have you there.


You hold my hand, rough up my hair – it’s lots of fun to have you there.

I Am A Child

God gave to you, now, you give to me; I’d like to know what you learned.