Let’s answer some burning questions.

Who are you?

I’m Raine, a 21 year-old female based in London, England (bet you saw none of that coming). I’m the owner of my own little Neil Young fanlisting (that you can – and probably should – join to see your name on a worldwide list of Neil fans).

Why did you create this website?

Who knows? I do. There’s only one obvious inspiration: Neil Young. My personal discovery of his music has transformed me, exploding my creative energies and thoughts into all sorts of odd and familiar directions. It’s focused my perspective of changing themes throughout my own life, and of the things around me; but I know it’s less an obsession than an integral, personal path in my growing life. He happened to be there when I suddenly realised he was all I wanted and needed. So, to say the least, I enjoy his music, concepts, styles and outlets immensely: I’ve fallen into a zany sort of love, and it is always a very fulfilling, adventurous, creative and often humourous ride.

Generally, I love discussing underlying themes that run throughout music and other creative work, and seeing as I already write a rough diary of words and themes that frequent throughout my favourite musicians’ work, it seemed very appropriate to dedicate a whole portion of it to Neil Young. But this is a project I’ve been thinking of for a few years now (note the present tense – everything is still in progress!) and the reason why it’s an online project is because I wanted to make it more accessible to others.

I have a question/suggestion. How can I contact you?

Please visit the contact page for more information.