Welcome to the Neil Young quotations database (in association with the Neil Young fanlisting). This website is dedicated to something very obvious. Basically, I’ve categorised Neil Young quotes into categories/themes that I see appropriate. Here are a few instructions to aid your navigation around the site:

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Last updated: 21st September 2010, with me realising how much I need to update this baby, what with “Le Noise” being released next week and all.
Please note: This site is constantly being updated. I really don’t know when it will be officially “done”. I generally work at my own pace and when I happen to be in one of my intense Neil Young phases.
Please note part 2: This site is probably against what Neil has ever wanted to come out of his music – an almost rigid categorisation. But I can’t help my (sometimes) thematic brain, and Neil’s work is too interesting for me. So here’s to you, Neil! HAH. Anyway…